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Book Reviews (books about writing)

The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, Lewis Hyde (April ‘21)

Writers’ craft-memoirs - Amy Tan, Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King (May ‘21)

Books for “beginners” - Jewell Parker Rhodes, Dorothea Brande, Rita Mae Brown (June ‘21)

Best Poetry Book Ever - Exaltation of Forms: Annie Finch & Kathrine Varnes (July ‘21)

Foundational Post Series - for beginners or renewing writers

Look for the “foundation” pic as below for these pieces:

The “must” of keeping a journal (May ‘21)

Reading as a writer (May ‘21)

The process journal (June ‘21)

Quality or Quantity in daily writing (August ‘21)

Grammar/Punctuation series

Dialogue punctuation for fiction writers (April ‘21)

How to use proper nouns and pronouns (May ‘21)

The hyphen (June ‘21)

En and Em dashes (July ‘21)

Who and That (September ‘21)

3 Day Novel Contest

Novels vs Novellas (August ‘21)

Working with the 72 hour time limit of the 3 Day Novel (July ‘21)

Outlining/planning the 3 Day Novel (August ‘21)

3 Day Novel Kick-off--Are You Ready? (Sept. ‘21)

Coming up with Story Development Ideas Quickly (3 Day Novel) (Sept. ‘21)

Sleep and the Writer (doing the 3 Day Novel) (Sept. ‘21)

Taking a Fruitful Break from Writing (3 Day Novel) (Sept. ‘21)

Exercises (as in “physical”) for the Writer (3 Day Novel) (Sept. ‘21)

Writing Fiction

The dance of form and content (April ‘21)

Is is a short story or novel? (June ‘21)

Using printed calendar pages for the novel (July ‘21)

Writing a collection of connected stories (July ‘21)

Novel writing - a primer (August ‘21)

Setting is Story Builder Too (Sept. ‘21)

Writing for children and young people

Writing the picturebook (June ‘21)

Creating a “dummy” for a picturebook (June ‘21)

Rhyming verse - for picturebooks and other works for young people (June ‘21)

Story ideas for works for young people (July ‘21)

Differences between junior novels, middle-grade, and YA (August ‘21)

The Business of Writing

Look for the “coin” pic as below for these pieces:

Finding an agent (May ‘21)

Traditional Publishing or Self-/E-Publishing (Sept. ‘21)


The braided essay and juxtaposition (August ‘21)

Writing life

Optimal writing time (April ‘21)

Finding your way back into a project - after abandoning (May ‘21)

Mental and emotional health; rough times and ritual (June ‘21)

Tao Te Ching paths to writing (August ‘21)

Being/becoming an autodidact - self-education

Educating self (April ‘21)


May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

August 2021

September 2021

Monthly prompts/exercises (set up in the newsletter)

—Please feel free to post comments and add new pieces and feedback on any of the “exercises.”

May ‘21 - exercise of “12”

June ‘21 - family stories

July ‘21 - description, making use of the hyphen

August ‘21 - renku

September ‘21 - rough and raw edges to hold on to


Post-MFA questions (written in response to an ex-student) (April ‘21)

and part 2

Word play & Bob Dylan (July ‘21)